Welcome to the San Jose/Peninsula PFLAG Speakers Bureau (PSB)!


We are a volunteer group who speak on panels of about 3-5 people to classes (middle- and high-school, university), civic/community/private organizations and institutions, non-profits, churches etc. about our experiences as LGBT individuals or as the parents of LGBT children. We speak throughout the Bay Area, but mostly in the San Jose area and the peninsula. Panels begin with a brief description and history of PFLAG, then each panelist tells their story (3-5 min each) with the remaining time for Q and A. Our mission is to educate, end discrimination & break down stereotypes about the LGBT community. Our group belongs to the San Jose/Peninsula PFLAG chapter and represents part of PFLAG's mission focused on education and advocacy.

Why do we speak?

Books, pamphlets and news articles are a good start to educating society about LGBT issues, but they pale when compared to the power of personal experience. No one who sees a PSB panel can ever say they have never met a LGBT person. Every time they see an anti-gay news report or TV show, they'll be reminded of the day when they met openly LGBT people who told them about their lives. They'll have to think about that negative remark or program in the light of what they've seen and heard with their own eyes and ears. Learning from personal experience is stronger than just about any other means. Perhaps the day when there'll be no need for PFLAG, the day when people won't have to experience pain or isolation when discovering they're gay or their child is gay, needn't be so far away.

Mission Statement

By sharing our own personal experiences face-to-face, we aim to educate people about the issues that face lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people and their family members to overcome the prejudice and bigotry born of ignorance. Through the power of personal experience, we can deconstruct the stereotypes, misinformation and negative attitudes so prevalent in our society, and engender a more compassionate, understanding and unified world.

Panel Requests or Questions

To request a panel or if you have questions about the PSB, please email us and we'll respond to you promptly.