PFLAG Speakers Bureau Policy

Requirements to speak on PSB panels:

The following describes what is and is not required to speak on a PSB panel:

  1. Membership in PFLAG is not a requirement (but is encouraged as it provides an opportunity for speakers to remain current with PFLAG's activities & message, as well as maintain friendships and connections with other speakers).
  2. Speakers must have submitted a completed speaker profile.
  3. Speakers must have completed one of the following to speak on a panel:
    • a PSB training (experienced or returning speakers can have the training requirement waived at the discretion of the PSB coordinator)
    • observed at least one PSB panel
  4. Once meeting the requirements to speak, speakers must speak on a PSB panel at least once within a 12 month period to maintain their active speaker status. After this period, they are asked to update their profile & attend a training or observe a panel before having their active speaker status reinstated.
  1. After a middle- or high-school panel, panelists must not engage students in conversation without the teacher's presence (i.e. on the way to the parking lot, outside the classroom).
  2. Panelists must not provide any personal contact information (even email) but rather offer contact information for PFLAG, the Billy De Frank LGBT Community Center, Outlet, or other appropriate community contacts. This will help avoid mis-understandings or potential liability situations.
  3. Panelists should obtain the host's permission before leaving or distributing pamphlets or other PFLAG literature.