A Poem for Matthew Shepard
December 1, 1976 - October 12, 1998

Confusion overcomes me
I know not where to stand.
I'm like the falling of a leaf,
I'm a single speck of dust,
Lost in a galaxy of sand.

My fear and fright control me,
so I've lived society's way.
I've always sensed my difference,
I've always known I was gay.

My courage finally surfaced,
and I embraced the day.
Hello world, I've found myself!
Hello world, I'M GAY!

I walk amongst the masses,
my head up, proud and strong!
I feel a pride within me,
self confidence, it's been to long!

My life is just beginning,
a beautiful life to be!
I live here in America,
where it's my right to be ME!

My freedom has been shattered,
struck down before my time.
Beat and battered and left to die,
a victim of a hateful crime!

Suddenly, my life is at it's ending,
My God, I'm going to die!
There is freedom in America,
Could this all have been a lie?

I've lived my life the best I could,
I've overcome all of my fears.
My brothers and sisters, don't morn for me!
Wipe away all those rainbow tears!

Out of the darkness,
there comes a light!
My spirit to you I send!!!
My death is a beginning!
not merely a tragic end.

I leave for you my courage,
I leave for you my life!
Take heart in always knowing...
I know longer feel any pain!
And know I have not left you,
I did not die in vain!

Forever I will be with you,
I'm am every drop of rain!
I am seen in every sunset,
I am heard in every refrain!

Please, don't hide back in your closets,
Don't succomb to your inner fears!
My life has had much meaning,
and will cause great change in future years!

Let my death give you strength!
Go out and be most bold!!
We are everybody's children!
Let the TRUTH be told!

Hold tight onto my memory!
Let it guide you throughout your days!


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